play:groundNYC is a non-profit organization advocating for young people’s rights by providing playworker-run environments that encourage risk-taking, experimentation and freedom through self directed play.

We operate a 50,000 square foot adventure playground on Governors Island, and work with communities to establish their own neighborhood playgrounds and play initiatives.


play:groundNYC is dedicated to producing spaces for young people to feel safe enough to take emotional, physical, and social risks in their play. As an organization we are led by a belief in children’s rights. We are concerned about recent and ongoing threats to the lives and identities of segments of the population, including Muslims, Jews, refugees, migrants, LGBTQ youth and families, those with disabilities, and people of color. We condemn the targeted disruption of lives, and recognize that young people in New York City are impacted by the recent political instability. All young people, regardless of demographic status, deserve access to spaces where they can fully engage in play, and as an organization we strive to be as inclusive as possible. We aim to make play:ground’s site and activities welcoming to all, and are always open to guidance regarding how we might improve.