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Professional development at play:groundNYC looks a lot like play. Though, just like when the kids are here, there's some serious work to be done : )

We will provide your group with an introduction to playwork principles and underpinnings. Your team will learn about supporting and facilitating the play process, play cycles and risk benefit analysis, as well as how free play and loose parts impact children's development. The Playwork Primer by Penny Wilson will be read and discussed providing a brief history of adventure play and it’s contemporary role in an over mediated society. After instruction and’ll play! Your team will experience the power of play on our adventure playground. Finally, we will finish with the playwork practice of reflection, as well as brainstorm how to translate our environment into yours.

Please note that play:groundNYC is a not-for-profit that though the support of donations, grants and various programming is able to provide - FREE open to all - weekend adventure play.

The fee’s for Professional Development are as follows:

$385/2 HOURS
16-30 PPL
$700/2 HOURS

For more information contact