Like any non-profit we rely on people's support in person or in kind. We would like to thank all those people, institutions and companies that have supported us so far and look forward to adding to the list below. Without them play:ground would not be possible.

Thank you to the Conestoga Road Foundation for their support!


Thank you to the Awesome Foundation for their support!



Funding for our community engagement playground project in the Bronx comes from the Burning Man Global Art Grant program.



We are grateful to the Arif family for donating printing.


We are grateful for Proskauer for providing legal advice.


Generous support provided by The Laura B. Vogler Foundation.


Tarzian Hardware has generously supplied us with hammers and nails for the building on site!



Materials for the Arts has been a huge supplier of a wide variety of materials for all of our projects!






PellOverton has been generously providing on site help in the form of labor and design and bulding of much needed shade sails!

Thank you to DreamHost for providing us with free web hosting and to Slack for providing us with their communication application for free.


A big THANK YOU to Big Reuse for providing us with some great materials for the playground. Amongst their donations was a boat.


Rebecca Kostyuchenko has been helping us make our site more suited for families living with disabilities.

Materials for the Arts for providing loads of unique materials and art supplies.

EarthMatter for their support and providing fun opportunities for campers to visit.

Children's Environmental Research Group for their extensive support and ongoing brainstorming.

From Our Kickstarter


Sara & Eliezer Kallai


Leo and Otis Makansi


Michael Longo

The Play Workshop

matthew harris

Eve and Max Koltuv

Vladimiras Lekecinskas


Marisa Umsawasdi

Patrick Fsma

Eric Peterson

Amy Fusselman

Matthew Carver

Cory Eskenazi

Danielle Glickson

Vicki Woods

Peter Gray

Will Readhead

Haim N. Kallai

Tomoko Shiina

Casandra Dominguez

Barrett and Courtney


Michael Kaye


Mikkos Cerda-Roupas

Douglas Patz

Kristina Berger

Erin Davis

Robin's Mom & Dad

Carolyn Wilder

Daniel Dauchy

Zoe + AJ


Leila Vallet

Samara McNair

Ram Balija

Jessica Yeo


Alyssa Arroyo


Amy Katz

Janet Robertson

Arab Salem

Harold Sinclair

Andy Stone

Aarin Spiegelman

Maya Tal Liran


June Can


 Some Smiles From Supporters and Players

BeFunky Collage


More People That Have Supported Us