Thank you to all the campers that came out this year!

Registration for 2019 will begin in January/February, join our mailing list for early bird announcements!

Each day at camp will be filled with plenty of opportunities for campers to plan their own adventures. Materials will be provided and supervised by trained playworkers in different areas of the playground.

Due to the self-directed nature of our camp, much of your child’s day will be (wonderfully) up to them! They will have opportunities to play with others, spend time alone, build, take apart, imagine, play in and with water, just relax, or anything else they can come up with! Your child will get dirty and may get small bumps, bruises, or scratches, as that is the nature of play.

They will also have the daily option to take a walk around Governors Island to explore other programs and parts of the island with our staff. We will take a lunch break and two snack breaks outside of the gates of the playground under the shade of trees across a small (car-less) road. This will help provide a chance for them to have a rest and re-energize. The playground itself provides partial shade under canopies and plenty of materials that they are free to use under the supervision of our staff who have been specially trained to work in this environment.

Drop off is at 8:30am and pick up at 3:00pm at the Battery Maritime Building (at 10 South Street on the corner of South and Whitehall Streets in Lower Manhattan, next to the Staten Island ferry terminal.)