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Global Youth Strike March 15, 2019

play:groundNYC recognizes the enormous threat which climate change poses for youth. In light of this threat we enthusiastically support the young people choosing to strike on March 15th, 2019.

Youth of today will suffer the greatest impacts of climate change and currently have very little power in the systems which are delaying action. Their ability to use their bodies and voices in the streets is a show of strength and determination. play:groundNYC is in full support of the young people utilizing the power they have in standing up for their future.

Climate change is already impacting communities around the world through floods, fires, droughts and extreme storms. As we continue to emit carbon dioxide, global warming will continue to increase, further impacting our environment. We stand with the youth demanding leaders of the world adhere to the Paris Agreement of keeping warming below 2 degrees celsius and that our shift away from fossil fuels be focused on equity and a sustainable and just solution.

The youth strike aligns with play:groundNYC’s goals to create a space for youth to have ownership over their environment. play:groundNYC is a NYC based non-profit transforming the city through play. We provide resources to create spaces of collaboration, creativity and imagination, all of which will be necessary in tackling the many changes which climate change will bring.

For more information about the climate strike:

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We are pleased to announce registration for Summer Camp at The Yard in 2019!

Enrollment is now open for ten 1 week sessions from June 24 through August 30, 2019.

Including the return of Girls Week, July 29-August 2!

Adventure Playground Summer Camp New York City


play:groundNYC is excited to launch a 3 hour Adventure Play Club on MondaysTuesdaysWednesdays and Thursdays from 3 to 6pm at The Yard. Beginning April 29th through June 20th.

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play:groundNYC is a non-profit organization advocating for young people’s rights by providing playworker-run environments that encourage risk-taking, experimentation and freedom through self directed play.


summer camp at play:groundNYC


We operate a 50,000 square foot adventure playground on Governors Island, and work with communities to establish their own neighborhood playgrounds and play initiatives.